Tuesday, 28 February 2012

English: Streatham Common Streatham Common, wi...

I explored my own neighbourhood today. I walked up to Streatham Common, which is our little park area. There isn’t a whole lot to see, really. There are a lot of houses, and they were all built around the 1930s so they look pretty similar.

English: Streatham Common station eastern buil...

I did see a yellow lab in the park today. The dogs seem to be allowed to go off leash in all the parks here. Today, the lab caught sight of me and a pigeon at the same time, and just had no idea what to do with itself.

I tried to find some youtube videos of Streatham Common, but all I was able to find was a video of Streatham “kite day”, some guy wondering the meaning of a double rainbow, and some eleven month old girl named Harriet who flat out refuses to get out of her bucket swing. So… you know… here you go… Have fun with that…

When I got back to the house, Indya was there with Josh. They went to the beach this weekend to visit her dad, and I’m told Josh had a wonderful time. He got his haircut before he went to the beach, and looks about ten years younger.

Josh is the dog, by the way, in case you forgot. He’s a bit of a fixture around here. He’s so important that Bella’s grandson calls her “Josh Nanny”. He also calls Indya “Pepperoni” but I’m not sure where that one came from.

Love ya bye



Impressionist Paintings at the National Gallery

I didn’t do much today. I did have to go to the grocery store twice, because I forgot lemons the first time I went. I’m trying really hard to pack a lunch – so suggestions are welcome. I want tasty, but something that doesn’t weigh a whole lot since it tends to get heavy while I’m walking.

I thought it would be nice if you could see some of the paintings and what-not that I’ve been seeing since I got here. So, I put together a little powerpoint of the impressionist paintings at the National Gallery. I picked these ones, because they’re the paintings that the National Gallery brags about the most.  All the information is from their website, and their audio guide.

Fun copyright law of the day, check museum/gallery websites before you do anything with items in them. Some places have weird rules. The National Gallery is pretty straight forward though, just make sure to credit everything and you’re fine. It’s when you get to newer paintings that things get weird. That’s because there are separate copyrights for the physical painting itself, and the image on that painting.


Friday, 24 February 2012

I learned how to take the bus today! Yay me!

It did take twice as long as the train, but it also cost half as much.

I hung out at the National Portrait Gallery today. I decided to leave shortly after they started turning out the lights.

I’m going to play around with the blog over the weekend. So hang in there while I figure some stuff out. There’s a lot of stuff that this WordPress thing can do, and I want to make sure I know how to use it properly.

double-decker bus

Love ya bye,


Thursday, 23 February 2012

It was a beautiful day in London today. When I got home my computer said it was 17 degrees. I’m not entirely sure how reliable my laptop is a guessing the temperature, so you might want to take that with a grain of salt. But it was definitely sunny and bright, and there was some walking around without a coat on.

I went to the British Museum this morning, because I feel like I haven’t been there in a while – like, it’s been a few days at least, right?

I looked at some Early Roman Britain mosaics, and then wandered over to the Greek and Roman galleries to see how they compared to what was going on in the “home country”. They were pretty similar.

Piccadilly Circus, London, Great Britain
Piccadilly Circus, London. Image via Wikipedia

Next, I followed my usual path down through Soho towards the National Gallery, but this time I turned down towards Piccadilly Circus. There’s a lot of construction going on down there, because they’re completely renovating the Leicester Square area.

There’s a lot of construction in general in London. I’m not sure how much of it is general maintenance of a city that’s thousands of years old, and how much of it is Jubilee/Olympic/Paul Millman related.

Regardless, I wandered into a book store called “Watermans”. It’s pretty big, but they loose a lot of points for not having an in-house coffee place.

English: Shaftesbury Avenue from Piccadilly Ci...
Old School Piccadilly Circus, London. Image via Wikipedia

In all, I think there were five floors of books. And decent floor space for London, too. They organised the floors in the typical book store way with the popular books on the first floor, and then the nerdy (science, technology, law, reference, etc, etc, etc) books up on the fifth floor. Which makes sense really, because if there’s one thing nerdy bookworms are known for its athletic ability and above average lung capacity.

Love ya bye,


I’m Totally Freaking Out!!!!

Oh…. My….. God….

So, in case you haven’t heard – like that’s possible – I got the job!!

And from now on there with be radio blog silence on the matter. You’ll have to get your updates from my mom.

So today, I went to the National Gallery and did the “From Manet to Picasso” tour. It’s one of the tours offered on the audio guide, and is included in my year-long audio guide pass.

Then it was the final instalment on the course I signed up for “Changing Paris, Changing Art.” It fit in very nicely with the Manet to Picasso tour. Today the topic was the Alternative City. Aka, the poor people’s experience of Paris as opposed to the wealthier people.

As I was walking back from the National Gallery along the Mall, I saw a couple of giant Easter eggs. Apparently, along with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, London will also be hosting the World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt.

I also saw some sort of police escort situation leaving St. James’s Palace. I haven’t looked into it yet to see who it may have been.

Today was Bella’s birthday, but I’m not allowed to tell you which one. We went to this place called “Toby’s Carvery“. It’s traditional British Sunday roast sort of food. I had ham and beef, lots of veggies and yorkshire pudding. Which was nothing like I remember Christy Rann ever producing. It was kind of like an overcooked honey cruler.

Now I’m going to bed, I’m exhausted.

Love ya bye