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Thursday, 29 March 2012

I started my day off at the bus stop, where I met a very strange man. He was, oh lets say 50. He was of the the long haired, thick glasses, comic t-shirt, but worked as a DJ variety.

He was waiting at the bus stop with his girlfriend, when he decided that I looked like a good person to have a conversation with.

I don’t know if this man had a lack of internal dialogue, or if I just had a really hard time understanding his accent. But the conversation somehow went from:

Him working as a DJ for a “char-i-y”up in Leicester – to Coronation Street – to women with hairy legs that he didn’t find attractive – to Some Like it Hot staring Tony Kurtis, “he’s dead” and Marilyn Monroe, “she’s dead, she’s done” – to Bristol.

All of this took place in about 5 minutes, and I have NO IDEA what the hell just happened.

Finally, I get on the bus and find the Apple store on Regent Street. It’s across the street from Hamley’s, the world’s most famous toy shop (that I’d never heard of until yesterday).

I was looking at the Iphones, because my little 9pound phone is just sad, and my mum said I should get a digital camera to take my own pictures of London. I figured that with an iphone I could combine the two, and it would end up being cheaper. I talked to one of the contract specialists about it, and apparently since I’m a hobo (my words, not his) the best thing for me to do would be to buy the phone outright and just do pay as you go. Otherwise, I would end up in Canada or who knows where trying to pay UK phone charges, which would just be ridiculous. But that worked out to be roughly the same cost as a months living expenses in London – so I’ll take the extra month in London, thanks.

After that I was kind of desperate for something to eat. For the past few weeks I’ve been craving what can only be described as a “super burger” – the greasy, cheesy, bacony type. Which I haven’t been able to find yet in London. So, where did I go? To the original London burger at the original “real” American restaurant, which was built specifically because American’s couldn’t find a decent burger in the whole city… The Hard Rock Cafe!

I ordered the “Legendary Burger”. Here’s the description from the menu:

“Famous the world over: ten ounces of fresh Certified Beef, topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of Cheddar cheese and a crisp fried onion ring.”

Here’s a link. The picture is of the Legendary Burger. Just look, I’ll wait:

Oh… My… God…

After I left the Hard Rock Cafe a very happy girl, I went for a walk towards Green Park. I stopped in St. Jame’s Park for a while to finish reading my book. The weather report says that the weather is supposed to get grey on Saturday and last until at least Wednesday, so everyone was out enjoying the sun. I think the high temperature was 22 degrees today.

Before I went home, I hung out at the National Portrait Gallery for a while. They’re the only museum that is open late on both Thursday and Friday nights. The rest just open late on Fridays.

For supper tonight, I ate a whole basket thing of giant strawberries.

Love ya bye,


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I didn’t do anything today. The weather was apparently sunny and warm, but I spent most of the day either in bed, or curled up on the couch.

Josh was very happy about that. I think he’s a little put out that Bella is finally home but she keeps leaving him every day to go to work.

Love ya bye,


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I got my nails done today. I got them done at the London College of Beauty Therapy. Technically, they’re all students but it’s the cheapest place to get them done. I’ve been trying really hard to not bite my nails since I got here, so I feel like I deserved it.

I found the college a little after two thirty. I knew I found the right place when I peeked in the window and saw one of the manicure ladies biting her nails.

It was ok. They were all young girls, about 17 or 18, so the whole “responsibility” thing was still a little beyond most of them.

They left a lot of people waiting for a really long time. But they were all really nice, and did seem to try their best once they started.

The technician I had was named Georgia. She said that she really likes the beauty technician thing, but that she’s still not so good at painting nails.

So she painted my nails, but wasn’t happy with them so she had one of her “mates” come in and do them properly.

My nails looked good! For about ten minutes. Because that’s when I went digging in my bag for my sunglasses. I figured they would be dry by then. Not quite.

Love ya bye,


Monday, 26 March 2012

An aerial shot of Hyde Park, London
An aerial shot of Hyde Park, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw a horse running wild in Hyde Park today.

So, that happened.

Honestly, I was sitting on a bench reading a book, and then I hear “clip, clip, clip”. I just assumed that it was some family doing the  rent a horse thing, like they do some times. But then I looked up, and it was just a horse. With a saddle. Running along the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

It turned in my direction at one point, but it got tangled in some of that “keep off the grass” rope. After that the horse just kept on running down the path. It was all very polite, really.

Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park
Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few minutes later a police car with lights flashing, but no sirens, came barrelling down the path, trying to catch up with the horse.

I’m assuming everything worked out fine. There haven’t been any stories pop up about a horse running wild in Hyde Park yet.

Love ya bye,


Sunday, 26 March 2012

It is a truth, universally acknowledged if you will, that the English like their tea.

That’s why, with very little prompting I drank either 5 or 6 cups of tea today.

I also managed to read two books since last night.

In other news…

Bella is home from Jamaica. She got back yesterday afternoon, and today was her welcome home supper with her family – and me.

I spent a good chunk of the evening talking with her grandson, Lewis, who I think is almost 4. He was pulling out a bunch of his toy cars to play with, and I just barely caught myself trying to put all the red convertibles in a group.

There also seems to be a bit of an accent/language barrier between me and Lewis. In the pile of cars there was an old happy meal toy of Pegasus from the Disney Hercules movie – I tried to explain to Lewis who Pegasus was, but he just kind of looked at me funny.

He was also wondering why the lights didn’t work on one of the cars. I told him it was probably because the batteries had died. To which he replied, “No, I think it’s because the batteries have gone out.”

Love ya bye,