Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photo Credit: Flickr: BlueAndWhiteArmy

I took a quick spin by Trafalgar Square today and saw Canada House all decked out for the Jubilee celebrations this weekend.

I’m kind of hoping they’ll keep up all the flags for the Olympics too.

Hey… everyone ask my mum where my top secret spot for watching the River Pageant is. I think it’s pretty good and I don’t want to give it away online.

That way you might get a glimpse of me on the tv 😛

Love ya bye,



Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I had a very busy day today.

First, I woke up around noon.

Then I dragged myself to the park to read my book.

I opted for Les Miserables, since the first teaser trailer for the movie came out today, and I’m clearly super involved now.

At the park I met my new friend Enzo. He’s a feisty little shih tzu that was running full force through the park, viscously threatening any horse that dared walk by.

After that it was a spin around Primark on Oxford Street to get a sense of what sort of work clothes they might have. I found dress shirts for 4 pounds. They look like they’ll fall apart after I wash them, but I suppose 4 pounds isn’t too bad.

After I went home I did actually do some work. I did some laundry and cleaned all 30 square feet of my room.

Right now it’s 11:44 and I’m cooking fries, so I’m clearly not planning on going to bed any time soon.

I suppose I might as well enjoy staying up late while I can. In a week and a half I don’t imagine I’ll have the luxury.

Love ya bye,



The Mysteries of the V&A

English: National Art Library, at Victoria and...
English: National Art Library, at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England. 한국어: 영국 잉글랜드 런던 앨버트 앤 빅토리아 박물관 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I’m finally getting a hang of this “being a nerd in London” thing.

This morning I woke up and looked through the online catalogue for the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I picked out and ordered the books I wanted to read – all about Leonardo da Vinci and his anatomy drawings – and then finished eating my breakfast and getting ready for the day.

The reason I said “ordered” the books, is because the big fancy-schmansy London libraries are all reference libraries. Meaning you can’t just roam the shelves and pick out what you want to read and take it home with you. Instead you have to request them and the lovely librarians go through the miles of books the have (once every hour, on the half hour), find the ones you asked for, and then kindly bring them up to their main desk. It’s your job to check the status of the books online to see if they’ve made their way to the reading room yet.

By the time I got to the V&A my books were waiting for me.

Which brings me to my point on the “Mysteries of the V&A”. I swear to God they have those magic Harry Potter staircases.

Here’s why:

Seminar Room B is only accessible from Stair S, Level 3.

Lecture Theatre only accessible from Level 3, Lift J, Stair S or T.

Seminar Room 3 only accessible from Level 0, Lift Y or Stair X.

Seminar Room 1 only accessible from Stair I.

Members’ Room accessible from Stair P, O, U, or Lift Q or O.

Print’s and Drawing’s Study Room accessible Tuesday-Friday, from Level 0 Lift Y or Stair X.

And so on, and so forth.

It can get pretty confusing walking around in there.

After all that excitement was over, I went back to my apartment and then did some grocery shopping.

Here’s an interesting fact:

You can buy “chips” for 87p, but if you want “french fries” it’ll cost you 1.50.

Love ya bye,


Saturday, 26 May 2012

I was fortunate enough this morning to sit on the bus next to a very fluffy dog eating a carrot.

Portobello Road Market, June 2005.
Portobello Road Market, June 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went up to Notting Hill this afternoon and walked around Portobello Road. I was hoping to find a skirt or something for 50p that I could re-purpose into a blanket to take to the park with me. But, hey, Portobello Road is really expensive. What the hell? I thought the point was that it was all cheap stuff. But maybe that was before Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts got their hands on it.

So I didn’t find what I was looking for, because I’m not about to pay 15 pounds for a scarf to take to the park. Instead I took my 5op and bought myself a giant donut, dipped in chocolate and filled with cream. I think it may have been homemade too.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens (Photo credit: edwin.11)

I took my donut up to Kensington Gardens and went for a walk. I walked all the way from Notting Hill Gate area down to Royal Albert Hall.

Next to the Albert Memorial there was some sort of Bavarian festival going on. I didn’t bother to stay, I was too distracted by the ball hockey game that was going on a little further away.

Seriously… like Canadian style ball hockey. Not the UK field hockey ridiculousness.

Love ya bye,