New York

Ok, I’m here… (Sunday, 1 May 2011)

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Top of the Rock by Global Jet.

Hello family,

I’m here and I’m safe. The family looks good and the house is big and has a yard! There’s little girl stuff everywhere. 

Lucy is clearly the feisty one of the bunch, I could tell by the Snow White pjs and the dance she did on the kitchen table. They were pretty loud because they just got home from their dads, and the youngest one – who looks about 3 or 4 was crying because she was so tired. I told Laura not to worry about it since I had a cousin, who for the first two years of her life did nothing but scream every time she looked at me. That seemed to make her feel better.

The flight was a little bumpy, but we landed ahead of schedule. I found the Airtrain after I had to look for FOREVER for a bathroom at the airport. 

Image taken from Google Maps "Newark Airport" - Showing Airport Hotel and Monorail.

Punched in, got my ticket, got on the monorail. Saw the worst location of a Holiday Inn ever (right next to the airport monorail). Then I got to the train station, sat on the train next to a pudgy guy with shorts on (awesome). Got to Penn Station in one piece and found the exit I was looking for. I recognized it when I left the train station because I google mapped it before I left. 

Image taken from Google Maps "Penn Station, NYC"

Had that damn “New York” song stuck in my head the whole time – Thanks Kids.

I walked one block towards either the Chrysler or Empire State Building – really couldn’t tell you which one. Found my subway station at 34th St. – Herald Sq. Bought myself a 30 day unlimited Metrocard. Found the train.

Had my first celebrity sighting!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! 


It was the guy who played Emmett in Legally Blonde the Musical.

I got on the right train going in the right direction on my first try. Then I walked to my house. 

Grand total – $15 from Newark Airport to Brooklyn. 

Laura made me bagels and tea for supper. Lilly is crazy about the book I brought them on Maritime Monsters. I’m on the same floor as them. There’s a lady from England/Trinidad who’s staying upstairs and a girl from Japan is coming sometime soon.

Love ya bye,


Day 2 – Monday, 2 May 2011

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: The Main Reading Room by Paul Lowry.

Ok, so some girls spend their first full day in Manhattan shopping…. I spent mine at the New York Public Library. (Sorry Suzy).

Oh, and exciting… It’s on 42nd St.!!!!!!!

Well, a part of it is anyway. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jake… ask your Aunt Sue.)

I went to a buffet style thing for lunch which was crowded with a bunch of “real” New Yorkers. But I made it out in one piece. Then I ate my lunch (stir-fry) in Bryant Park, which is right next to the library. 

After I took a guided tour of the library I walked up 5th Ave. and went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and looked around. Then I kept walking and went into St. Thomas’ Cathedral (sorry Suzy). 

I walked past the American Eagle/Apparel/whatever store and there was a big line. I peaked inside and there was a half-naked dude standing in the doorway. I didn’t stop for a picture (again… sorry Suzy). Kept walking, found Rockefeller Center, Saks 5th Ave. and Trump Tower. Then I walked and found the Neil Simon Theater which is where Catch me if you Can is playing. 

Then I kept walking, found a bunch of other theaters and Times Square. I also discovered why locals never go to Times Square. Too many tourists. But the lights are pretty.

Times Square Live Webcam

There was also a “homeless guy” looking for change. Only I doubt he was homeless, he had on aviator sunglasses, a mohawk, and a big sign that read “Help! I need money for pot”. Points for honesty.

Then I went to Discovery Times Square because I saw a sign for a Harry Potter exhibit they have there. But when I got there it turns out that they also have a Pompeii exhibit. So I went to that instead. But I have tickets for the Harry Potter one on Wednesday.

Then I had McDonald’s for supper, found the right subway, and went home for the night.

Basically I walked all of Midtown Manhattan today. 

Love ya bye,


Day 3 – Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Aaron Tveit and Cast - Catch me if you Can Musical - Broadway - Photo by Joan Marcus.

Day 3 of being in New York meant I got to sleep in, yay! I didn’t leave the house untill it was time to go to the theater to see my very first ever Broadway show, Catch me if you Can!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

On the subway there were these two kids/teenagers who decided to get creative in how they asked strangers for money. They walked onto the train and said “Ladies and Gentlemen… we just have 3 rules. 1: if you see something you like, you clap. 2: if you see something you don’t like, you clap anyway, and 3: if you see something you can’t do, you pay us.” Then they turned on their music and started breakdancing all through the subway car – while it was moving! Like, climbing on stuff and everything. They were good, got lots of applause and some money.

I got off the train and started to walk to get something to eat. I found the healthy store that I read about before I left called “Green Symphony“. All they had that I was interested in at the time was the “Classic Smoothie”. On the board it said that it was orange, banana and strawberry… but it still managed to taste like grass. And please bear in mind that this is coming from a girl who graduated from the Mount Allison Biodegradable University of United Hippies who Save the World.

Then I just walked around until it was time to go to the theater. I stood across the street from the theater for a while to people watch. I saw Jerry Mitchell the choreographer (Tony winner), Scott Wittman co-lyricist (Tony winner), and Aaron Tveit who plays Frank Abignale, Jr. (as of this morning: 2 time Tony-snub victim).

The Tony nominations came out this morning and Catch me if you Can was nominated for Best Musical, and also Norbert Leo Butz (yes, that’s really his name) for best Male Lead in a Musical for playing the Tom Hanks FBI character Carl Hanratty.

The show was SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I might have to go see it again. I was in the third row, which means I could see all the sweat and spit that was coming off the performers and got to see up all the chorus girls skirts. It was funny, it was flashy, IT HAD A KICK LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it had great singing and dancing, and Vegas-y feather fans, and all the good stuff you want in a Broadway show. There wasn’t a single second the entire time that I wanted it to speed up. I actually wanted it to slow down. It wasn’t nearly long enough. When I saw Chicago in London there were at least 30 minutes I could have done without… Strangely, Chicago got better reviews than Catch me if you Can – theater people.

Tom Wopat was in it (yes, one of the Duke boys), he played Frank Abignale, Sr. and Norbert, the guy that was nominated for a Tony was really, really, good. Really. Also Kerry Butler, who played the original Penny Pingleton in Hairspray (Children, she was the Amanda Bynes character in the movie) was awesome and has what people were telling me is one of the best female solo numbers currently on Broadway, it’s called “Fly, Fly Away” and it’s awesome.

After the show I called my mom. Then I went to Starbucks. While I was at Starbucks one of the chorus girls from the show came in and sat right next to me!!! She’s really tall, I think her name was Jen Frankel. Then I went home to Brooklyn.

Tomorrow is the Harry Potter exhibit at the Discovery Center, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in the afternoon – because it’s free on Wednesday’s from 4-8.

Ok, it’s late so I’m going to bed now.
Love ya bye,


Day 4 – Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Harry Potter Exhibition by Loimere.

Day 4 started out rainy and cold. 

The first thing I did was go to the Discovery Times Square on 44th St. to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. It had a bunch of set pieces and costumes from all of the movies. First thing when my group walked in was the Sorting Hat, and the guy that worked there sorted a couple of volunteers. All of whom somehow ended up in the house that they said they wanted in. Then we walked through a door and were greeted by the Hogwarts Express! It was all foggy and the guy was holding a lantern and everything. They made it so that some of the portraits that were hanging on the walls were moving, and the Fat Lady that guards the Gryffindor dorms was there too. Judging by the costumes the entire cast of Harry Potter is extremely short. Like, I think Dan Radcliffe is my height. I got the audio guide so I learned that DanRad was allergic to his first pair of glasses, which was pretty funny. They had parts of the Herbology class room, and I got to pick a Mandrake out from one of the pots and have it scream at me. They also had Haggrid’s Hut, and I sat in one of the giant chairs. Anyway, they had tons and tons of stuff; costumes, the Hippogriff, the House Elves, the Dragon, Death Eaters, Dementors…..

Then I ate lunch at Subway… classy. One of the fun things about New Yorkers is that their volume of speaking makes it easy to eavesdrop in on their conversations. At lunch there was a guy who couldn’t stop talking about how one of his friends had a serious case of verbal diarrhea. 

Then got a hot chocolate because it was freezing. Then I hopped on the 1 train Downtown to Battery Park. 

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Merchant Marine memorial by Jason Riedy.

Battery Park is right on the river, and I could see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and some weird statue of guys pulling another guy out of the water which is apparently supposed to represent the Merchant Marines.

Then I got to the Museum of Jewish Heritage at 4:15… just in time for it to be free. Then I got all nerdy. Again. I ended up spending like 3 and a half/close to 4 hours there; until it was about to close. The first floor was basically “Intro to Judaism”, the second floor was about the Holocaust and how it affected the Jewish community then, and the way the Jewish community is now. There was a tour going on when I was there, and a couple of the people started crying. The third floor, I didn’t really get to. Yes, that means I spent like 2 hours on each floor – I warned you. The third floor didn’t look that interesting anyway… But hey, its free next Wednesday after 4 too. Oh, and I went to the gift shop afterward and saw a New York Yankees yarmulke. 

Image taken from Google Maps "Cosmic Diner 52nd St., NYC"

Then I took the train back Uptown and had supper at a hole in the wall diner called the “Cosmic Diner“. I had chicken souvlaki. My meal was pretty cheap, but just to put NY in perspective, I did see a Bloody Mary on the menu for 12.00. They played Jimmy Buffet while I was eating (Margaritaville).

Side note: I haven’t seen any of those crazy bike messengers that you see in the movies yet. And New Yorkers aren’t that mean. And it’s not that crowded either. Me and Kathy had a harder time navigating through Oxford St. than I’m having getting through Times Square.

Tomorrow I’m planning on spending most of the day at the Met. And also taking a side trip to find Christina Kosher Gummie Bears. I asked the guy that worked at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Gift Shop where I might be able to find some. He said at SuperSol in the West Side. Possibly at Columbus and 93rd St. Apparently they even have some shaped like Gefilte Fish. Christina will be pleased.

Love ya bye,


Day 5 – Thursday, 5 May 2011

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Metropolitan Museum of Art by plassen.

Day 5 was pretty slow compared to the other days. The weather was 

WAY better though. It was sunny and warm, and I didn’t need my coat. But it did get super windy later in the afternoon. 

The first thing I did when I left the house was get on the train… as usual. Because today I was going to the Met!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

After precisely 1 hour and 4 minutes – which means if I ever move to New York, Brooklyn might not be the best idea – I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or… on the opposite side of Central Park from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The train stop was on the West Side, so I had to walk across the middle of the park to get to the East Side where the Met is.

Fun fact I learned about New York today… Cars are allowed in Central Park!! What the hell!!!! There are like, real roads and everything cutting through the park.

When I got to the right side, I walked up the steps and into the museum. I started trying to figure out what would be the best deal for admission and…. 


I’m a member now.

What!? The admission for a ticket for the day was $20. And they say it’s only “RECOMMENDED” but they have screens at all the ticket booths telling you what a “hard time it is” for the Met because of the “recession” and “cultural institutions are the first things to lose money”. Whatever. The membership is for a year and since I’m not a local is $60 and it’s not like I’m going to be there less than three times in the next month anyway.

And with my membership I got a ticket to an Alexander McQueen lecture they’re doing next Saturday to go with the McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit they have on now.

Temple of Dender
Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Inside the Metropolitan... by Rob Young.

I wandered around for a bit and took the tour on Ancient Egypt and Met Highlights.

Then I went home because I was sleepy. And frankly, overwhelmed by the size of the museum.

So, I’ve been here less than a week and I now have two things I’m pretty sure no other person in New York has, even if they’ve been here for 20 years. A New York Public Library Card, and a Membership to the Met.

Love ya bye,


Day 6 – Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 6 was warm again. yay!

I woke up to screaming children, like I do every morning. But I ignored them and went back to sleep. See… just like home. 

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Fuentiduena Chapel at The Cloisters (1 of 3) by Tony the Misfit.

Then I headed out to the Cloisters. The Cloisters is a part of the Met where they keep a lot of their Medieval stuff. And it’s way the hell up on the top of Manhattan Island in Fort Tryon Park. It took an hour and a half to get there. It’s in a part of Manhattan that the Colombian lady told me there were “too many Spanish people”. Probably shouldn’t tell her about the Mariachi band that played on the subway on the way there. The park is really pretty though. Lots of flowers and walking paths and a full view of the Hudson River – Side note, as evidence by this email… I still have not ended up in the Hudson.

I took one of their Curator Talk things. The curator was from the Arms and Armories department of the Met. Sounds exciting. He talked about a fancy cup, or a “beaker” for a half hour. 

Then I decided to leave. When I got back to the subway station there was a Spanish lady. A larger lady. The type of lady who really shouldn’t be wearing leggings….. but who was totally wearing leggings. She was listening to music and dancing all Beyoncé styles to whatever she was listening to. When I got closer to her, I could hear what she was listening to… Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. Go figure.

I only stayed on the train for about half the ride home, because I needed to come up for some air. The stop where I left was at the south-west corner of Central Park, so I walked around the park.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Horse & carriage in Central Park by p_a_h.

I got to see all those carriage things. You know the ones in romantic comedies where the local New Yorkers are on a date and one decided that it would be fun to take a carriage ride through the park, and the other one looks at them like their crazy because “those are just for tourists”. Yea, those. 

I walked past the Plaza Hotel towards the Bergdorff Goodman store. Then I found F-A-O Schwartz. A lady dressed like a toy soldier held the door for me and welcomed me to the store. Most importantly, I saw the Candy Department, a $1475 Barbie Necklace, and the Giant Piano. Two things about this store surprised me: 1 – Freak Lunchbox kicks FAO Schwarts Candy Department ass, and 2 – The “AstroKids: Gems and Stones of the Earth” section of the store was empty. 

I left the store and kept walking. Past Chanel, Dior, Talbots (I don’t get it either), the St. Regis, The Waldorf-Astoria (across the street from the Colgate-Palmolive Building)…

And, exciting!!! I think I might be convincing everyone I’m a local!!!!! I was asked no less than three times today if I was Jewish. I think that’s how you know.

Somehow I ended up back on 42nd St. At the library. I took out a few books, lost my sunglasses somewhere on the 5th floor religion section, then went through security (seriously… security at the library) and went home.

SOOOOO… In conclusion ladies and gentlemen…. I feel the need to inform you of something I managed to do today that I don’t think has EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Not by tourists… 

Not by locals…..

Because today……

I went the whole day WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not even a single dollar on a street vendor hot dog or ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya bye,


Day 7 – Saturday, 7 May 2011

I rolled out of bed today at around… oh…. noon. 

Map of Manhattan Neighbourhoods taken from "Big Think: 10 Manhattan Neighbourhoods."

I was kind of desperate to explore outside of Midtown, so I went to Union Square. I walked around Chelsea and Greenwich Village a bit. Neither of those places were as cute as I imagined them being, but maybe those were just the neighborhoods I was in.

I decided at 2.15 that I wanted to go see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying tonight. So I went to the TKTS booth where they have discounted same day tickets for sale in Times Square (remind me to go to the booth in Brooklyn next time) and waited in line. There was a guy with a backpack that was too large for him in front of me. And two Swedish ladies behind me who kept trying to cut in front of me. They were filming something on the steps in Times Square today so every now and then I could hear terrible screams and people being chased all up and down the stairs and then falling. Oh God. I hope they were filming something.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: TKTS_1379 by JessyeAnne.

After about 40 minutes I got up to the booth and told the guy that I wanted one ticket to see How to Succeed. At the TKTS booth they only offer you the best that they have at the price they have them, take it or leave it. The one he offered me was 7th row, off to the side so I wouldn’t have a totally clear view of the stage… and it was still over $100.

So I ended up in the mezzanine of Catch me if you Can for $60.

Yes, that’s the one I saw 4 days ago. 

But I might as well have been in a different show. I wasn’t as “in it” as I was sitting in the third row, but I could actually see the full-out choreography this time.

On my way to the theater I saw Tom Wopat (yes, one of the Duke boys) riding his bike (as in bicycle) off to get a coffee or something before the show. I got a big smile.  Then I went into Starbucks and I saw one of the guys from the ensemble waiting in line. I “conveniently” opened my book to the page where I was using my Catch me if you Can pamphlet as a book mark. And what do you know! One of the guys who plays in the orchestra saw it and we had a lovely conversation.

Then I went to the theater. – Just for interests sake, Tom Wopat keeps his bike chained to one of the parking-meters out front of the theater. 

After the show I “Stage-Doored” that means you hang out with all the other theater nerds by the stage door for the performers autographs. And I got all of them!!! WOOOO!!!!!! Kerry Butler was first, she’s my height. Rachel de Benedet who plays Frank Abignale’s mother complemented my jacket. 

And Aaron Tveit (Frank), who is super cute and who all the girls should Google, came over and signed my playbill. I said “Thank you”… he said “Thank YOU!” Too bad about what all the ladies say in New York:

Catch me if you Can Autographed Playbill.

All the good ones are either married…. or are the lead in a Broadway musical.

The last one to come over was my buddy Tom Wopat. He told me he was a shameless self promoter and then handed me a little postcard advertisement for a concert he’s doing with his band at some place called Birdland on June 20th.

Love ya bye,

P.S. The Tim Horton’s in Times Square is hiring.


Day 8 – Sunday, 8 May 2011

I woke up really early today. Like, 8:30. 

Laura was taking the girls to church in “the City” so she offered me a drive. She said they were leaving around 10 and when I went downstairs at 9:45 the youngest girl was still in her jammies, the middle one in a pink ball gown, and the oldest one wasn’t wearing any pants. They weren’t quite ready yet.

Laura was a great tour guide showing me all the sites between

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Jackeline Onasis Reservoir by Vacacion.

Brooklyn and the Upper East Side. They dropped me off at E.76th St. and I just kind of walked around the Upper East Side, meandering through until I got to the Met. Oh yea, I went to the Met again today. I also think I might be an Upper East-Sider. Of course… 

So…. if anyone would like to have a free place to stay in Manhattan’s Upper East Side during family vacations, or “get me the hell away from my family” vacations, I suggest you donate to the “Move Sarah to New York Fund”. Cash only. 

After I got to the Met I walked around for a bit, bought myself a $9.00 ham and cheese sandwich ($12.00 with lemonade), then took in the lecture on Medieval Stones in Italy. The speakers all had super thick accents, but one of them was the Chief Curator of Sculpture at the Louvre. So clearly they knew what they were talking about.

Sutton Foster, 63rd Annual Tony Awards Arrivals. Radio City Music Hall, NYC. Photo taken by Donna Ward/PR Photos.

After the Met I went to the Barnes & Nobel on 86th St./Lex. Ave. because Sutton Foster (Broadway girl… currently in Anything Goes… nominated for a Tony more times than anyone else by her age) is doing a free concert tomorrow (Monday) and I wanted to see how early I should be there to make sure I get a spot. The guy at the Customer Service desk didn’t give me a straight answer.

So after that I made like J.Lo and got “On the 6” (subway) and went Downtown. I ended up in the East Village. I know it as the place where RENT takes place. Laura knows it as that Prince song “Alphabet City”… pick your reference. Historically not a nice neighborhood. There’s a Crate & Barrel there now.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: New York City, Manhattan, NoHo, Lafayette St. / Bleecker St. by Vincent Desjardins.

Then I walked all around the East Village, Little Italy, Soho… Found both Crosby and Mercer Street in Soho. Soho I think used to be cool. Now it’s all shit apartments on top of high-end designer stores and art galleries. Or maybe that’s what cool is in New York. I was hoping to see a “Now Hiring” sign in one of the gallery windows… no luck. When I got home Laura told me that Soho art galleries hire based on “who you know”.

I saw one of the buildings from “Will and Grace” when I was walking around today. I’m not sure if it was their apartment or Grace’s work. It was the one with the red brick and the little gold man statue holding a mirror.

Then I went home, had left over Chinese take out that Laura and the girls got. Then we watched Masterpiece Theater.

Oh yea, something funny I forgot to mention a couple of days ago. When I was walking to the library a man snapped his finger at me and asked me how much for my hair. I just kept walking.

Love ya bye,


Day 9 – Tuesday, 9 May 2011

I woke up sick today. It really wasn’t much fun. I think I’m going to blame it on the subways. 

Laura made me some chicken noodle soup and some tea, but I spent most of the day in bed.

CD Cover: An Evening with Sutton Foster Live at the Cafe Carlyle.

I did get up this afternoon though because Sutton Foster was performing at Barnes and Nobel this afternoon and I really wanted to go. I got to B&N and met a nice lady in line named Gayle from Long Island. She must have seen every show on Broadway and she definitely had an opinion on all of them. She said that Daniel Radcliffe was surprisingly good and that she wasn’t expecting him to be good at all. But she did feel the need to mention over and over again about how amazing Aaron Tveit is and how much better a singer he is than Daniel Radcliffe.

I bought Sutton Foster’s CD so that I could have it signed… which I did.  And then Sutton did a questions and answers with the audience. She’s really funny and seemed surprisingly normal for a theater person. She also sang two songs. One was “Sunshine on my Shoulders” and the other was “Down with Love”…. the Judy Garland song from the movie with Renee Zelwegger and Ewan McGreggor

Sutton was amazing of course… They don’t give out Tony’s to just anyone…

except maybe Catherine Zeta Jones

and Scarlett Johansson.

After that I just went back to Brooklyn, found some greasy Chinese to make me feel better (the Tam’s still win the egg roll war), watched Dancing with the Stars with Laura and Lucy and then went upstairs to bed.

Love ya bye,


Day 10 – Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Today was another late start. I still wasn’t feeling too good. But by the afternoon I felt much better so I went into Manhattan again.

I got off the train at 34th St. and literally just walked for hours. I ended up at W. 70th St. As I learned from my friend Gayle yesterday, 20 New York City blocks equal one mile. So I walked at least 4 miles today.

I had my very first American Tim Horton’s experience today! I had a small iced cappuccino. It was terrible. And just so everyone knows, there is a HUGE difference between American and Canadian sizes. Here is a chart for easy reference:

American – Canadian
small = medium
medium = large
large = the reason American’s are overweight

Image from Google Map "Amish Market, 9th Ave, NYC"

I walked around the area known as Hell’s Kitchen – nice neighborhood. They have an Amish grocery store there. Why there are Amish people living in Manhattan I still haven’t been able to figure out. 

And then up to the Upper West Side. On the way there I found the Museum of Biblical Art (free on Sundays), the Lincoln Center and The Julliard School. I could see some dancers working on something through one of the windows. Some spots of the Upper West Side are very “neighborhood-y” and nice. Other parts were your standard massive office complex buildings. 

I went to see another Broadway show tonight. This one was a play about the early HIV/AIDS epidemic. It was called “The Normal Heart“. It took place between 1981 and 1984 in New York when no one even knew what the virus was, and it didn’t have a name. No idea how it was transmitted or anything about it at all really. Just that it was killing an awful lot of gay men. And it went through all of the health/political/cultural issues that were happening at the time. It starred Joe Mantello, Ellen Barkin, Patrick Breen, Mark Harelik, John Benjamin Hickey, Luke MacFarlane (you’d recognize all of them if you saw them I swear)…. and …. most importantly….

DR. SHELDON COOPER!!!!!!!!! (aka Jim Parsons).

It was a pretty intense show. It was really sad and emotional, but the writing was so good that people were laughing and crying at the same time. And obviously with a crowd full of New York theater people – most of whom were gay men – it hit pretty close to home for a lot of them.

During the show I sat with Murdoch who used to work in PR for 10 years but decided he needed a break for a while. And he’s also an “actor” – of course. 

I also ran into Gayle again. Apparently theater people tend to run into each other a lot.

After the show I stage-doored again and met my new friend Taylor.

The Normal Heart Autographed Playbill.

She’s a second year acting student at NYU, originally from Seattle. I saw Emmett from Legally Blonde the Musical again. Taylor said his name is “Christopher Something” – funny name. We also saw Keifer Sutherland and “Mr. Big” walk by. They’re in a show called “That Championship Season“. Apparently they rehearsed at a NYU rehearsal spot and Chris Noth enjoyed freaking out the students by just randomly walking up to them.

I got my playbill signed by Ellen Barkin, Joe Mantello and Jim Parsons. It was awesome.

Then I just went home.

Love ya bye,


Day 11 – Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This photo was taken by participant/team Tony as part of the Commons: Wikipedia Takes Manhattan project on April 4, 2008.

I started my day downtown exploring Noho. Yes Noho – not Soho. Apparently it’s a different neighborhood. I went to the Merchant’s House Museum. It’s the oldest house in Manhattan, standard historical house kind of stuff. Built in 1836 I think? They were having their open house celebration because it’s their 75th anniversary as a museum. They opened up the servants quarters on the fourth floor – which is apparently the oldest location of Irish immigrants (the servants) in the city. And it’s also “Manhattan’s most haunted house”. The best part was that the admission was the original admission price of 75 years ago to commemorate the occasion. Grand total 50 cents. I talked to a couple of the docents there – all volunteers. Everyone in museums in New York with the exception of like 2 people seem to be volunteers. Kind of sucks.

Soho is apparently NYU territory. But I did manage to wander into a coffee shop that I actually like. Its called La Colombe and it’s on Lafayette St. 

For lunch I ended up back at everyone’s favorite Greek family run diner… the Cosmic Diner!!!! Yay!!! I had my same waiter. He’s an older Greek guy with a thick accent and he kept calling me “baby”. And when the staff was talking to each other about what the tables needed they kept pointing at my table and calling me “pretty lady” in Greek. I had a GIANT BLT sandwich and fries. There was SO much bacon it was insane… like… we’re talking Dani Gomez levels of bacon here. Then a big group of (I’m going to say either Colombian or Mexican) students came in with their teachers – NSISP style. I left.

How to Succeed in Business Autographed Playbill.

Apparently I need to stop going to Midtown altogether. Every time I go there I end up at that dam TKTS booth. Today I saw “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying“. Harry Potter was in this one. He’s a theater actor more than he is a movie actor I think. He was clearly having the time of his life up on stage dancing and singing.

After the show I got Jon Laroquette‘s autograph, but he was the only one. There were tons of people at the stage door to see Daniel Radcliffe so I was kind of in the back of the crowd. DanRan was dead tired when he came out so he signed as many autographs as he could before he climbed in his car and presumably passed out completely. 

While I was walking around today I saw creepy Ben from Lost. Turns out… not so creepy walking a fluffy little dog around the Theater District.

Love ya bye,


Day 12 – Thursday, 12 May 2011

I kind of feel like nothing happened today. I went for a walk and then went to the Met. 

Admission Pins, Metropolitan Museum of Art.


And I’ll probably go back tomorrow.

I talked to a girl from Mexico who just graduated from Columbia University. Her family’s in town and they’re all very excited. And there was this old guy who couldn’t stop talking. I’m pretty sure he was a communist. But he was pretty funny too (unintentionally). 

Oh! I saw one of the guys from the Daily Show at that coffee shop I mentioned yesterday. The Canadian guy… the one that’s married to Samantha Bee. I don’t know his name. 

I also saw a guy at the Met that looked remarkably like the “Old Guy” from “Up!“. Kind of freaked me out a little bit.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: New York City, Manhattan, Murray Hill, Madison Ave. by Vincent Desjardins.

After I had to leave the museum because they went and closed it on me, I did some window shopping on Madison Ave. Because that’s the only type of shopping that anyone can or SHOULD be doing on Madison Avenue. I still haven’t found Tiffany’s yet, by the way.

I did end up in Midtown again… but I managed to avoid the TKTS booth. Yay!! progress!!

Then I went home. Got a couple of slices of New York pizza, and watched a Tinkerbell movie with the girls. Lilly keeps asking me to tell her a story but I can’t think of any. Any suggestions?

Love ya bye,


Day 13 – Friday, 13 May 2011

Today I went to the Met again. 

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: great rann of kutch by nandadevieast.

There was a gallery talk with one of the Curators. She took us to the Mesopotamia section. On the way there she showed us a map. On the map I couldn’t help but notice the section that said “Greater Rann of Kutch“. No, that’s not a typo… it said “Greater RANN of Kutch”…

There’s also a “Little Rann of Kutch”.

The girl who gave the tour was an Assistant Curator of something or other. I asked her about career stuff. She said that she is currently a grad student in Art History at NYU. She said that unless I can get into Grad school on a full ride, then it’s not worth the 50,000 dollars a year tuition/board/etc. because nobody will ever be able to pay that back by working in a museum. So either get into school where they’re willing to pay 90-100% of it, or just do it the old-fashioned way and work my way up and maybe work will pay for education upgrades.

This afternoon I went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) because it’s free on Fridays 4.00-8.00. Otherwise it’s a $20 admission fee. And this one’s not “suggested”.

They’ve got some fun stuff at MoMA. Picasso, Monet, German Impressionists, film, photography, contemporary art…

On a completely unrelated note – I think we should buy Eva and Thomas some fingerpaints. We could make a fortune.

On the second floor in the contemporary art section they have a bale of hay. 

Yes, really. 

A…. BALE…. OF…. HAY…

I read the ID card and it said that the hay was wrapped with a gold thread and on one end of the thread there was a needle.


Get it??????

It’s a needle in a haystack!!!
WOOOO!!!!! good stuff!

Then I went home and watched “High School Musical” and had pizza with the girls.

Tomorrow is the Met again… Sorry.

The Member’s Only Alexander McQueen Lecture is tomorrow morning.

Love ya bye,


Day 14 – Saturday, 14 May 2011

Today I woke up nice and early because today was the lecture on Alexander McQueen. The curator of costumes or whatever the hell he was went through a bunch of the outfits in the exhibit and explained how they came up with the concepts of the exhibit and all about Alexander McQueen and his inspiration. Apparently one of McQueen’s inspirations one year was the giant chess game from the first Harry Potter movie. 

The curator (who was extremely well dressed by the way) told us that when they were creating the book that goes along with the exhibit they had a hard time getting the movement of the clothes captured on camera. So what they ended up doing was putting the clothes on live models and doing a regular photo shoot, but so that the focus would be on the clothes and not the girls, they photoshoped the girls into mannequins. 

Here’s the link to the exhibit webpage:

The “Oyster Dress” is the best example of the model turned into mannequin thing. 

I went to the exhibit after the lecture to see the real deal. Again, one of the best parts of the day was eavesdropping in on other people’s conversations. Here’s an example of two conversations I heard today.

Conversation #1:
Gay guy #1: “I like that headdress”
Gay guy #2: “You don’t have it already?”

conversation #2:
Girlfriend: “I like this one, see how he used mussel shells as the material?”
Straight guy: “Yea, it’s making me hungry.”

Seriously…. why do we bother?

One thing’s for sure, McQueen knew what he was doing. 
Also, the Met has a ridiculous budget. No wonder their fee is $20.

Image taken from Google Maps, "Jewish Museum, NYC."

I attempted to go to the Jewish Museum after that, but I did something to my knee this morning. I made it about half way through the “Jewseum” before I had to go back home because of my knee. 

I told the girls the story of the “Rann Olympics” tonight. They seemed to enjoy it.

Laura told me about how one winter they created a luge track. Higher than their car and it curved around the house. I think we should look into that for next winter. 

And yes Suzy I could totally live here. It’s just that whole not having a job but needing to pay rent thing keeps getting in the way.

Love ya bye,


Day 15 – Sunday, 15 May 2011

I’m really tired. Like, really really tired. It was really rainy and kind of sleepy outside today. So I figured I’d take it easy. I went to the Met again. 

Egypt Print.

Is anyone counting the number of times I’ve been there, by the way?

Today I did the Greeks & Romans, The Egyptians and some paintings. Good stuff.

Since I didn’t do anything too exciting I’ll tell you some things I’ve noticed about New York. 

1. Young girls always sit next to each other on the subway. Or within close proximity to each other. Even if they’re total strangers. 

2. Theater Stage-Door goers really have each others backs. Everyone does their best to make sure that everyone gets an autograph and a photo with their favorite actor. Even if that means passing a Playbill forward over several rows of stage-door nerds to the star of the show, or moving around so that everyone can get a clear picture. 

3. Some of the performers in the subway stations are really good, and shouldn’t have to be playing in a subway station. There was a guy playing the flute at the 42nd St. Station a few nights ago when I went to go see How to Succeed. He played “Strangers in the Night” and “My Cherie Amore” while an authentic New York rat (who I’ve affectionately named Remy) ran along the subway tracks. I’ve also seen everyone’s favorite Mariachi band again while riding the 6.

4. The people on Madison Ave. don’t dress like the kids from Gossip Girl. You really can’t tell “who’s who” by what they’re wearing. 

5. There are celebrities around every corner… and no one cares. 

6. Pictou County Pizza is better than New York Pizza. 

Love ya bye,


Day 16 – Monday, 16 May 2011

It was rainy again today. One of those misty rains where it was coming from all directions so an umbrella really didn’t work.

I started off in Noho/Soho/Nolita whatever the hell it’s called. Got a tea at La Colombe and walked around to blow the subway stink off of me before I had to get back on the subway. Awesome. 

I like the Noho/Soho/Nolita area, but I’m a little put off by all those dam NYU kids running around. I guess I need to figure out which streets they’re on specifically and then avoid them. 

Next I got my RENT on and cruised around the East Village. They have apartments for rent there. Just sayin’. While I was walking around I saw some firemen out on a smoke break – in full gear. At least they’re prepared.

Then I got back on that freakin’ train to go uptown. The plus side is that I’m getting lots of reading done. 

Today I went to the American Museum of Natural History, of “Night at the Museum” fame. Not gonna lie, I was really excited. All of the displays now are behind glass walls, so I guess they’ve learned their lesson. I started to laugh to myself in the Hall of Small Mammals, around the flying squirrel display. I’m pretty sure everyone around me thought I was crazy. In reality, I was just laughing because I was remembering Christina’s giant fear of being attacked by a flying squirrel. 

My walk of the museum then went as follows:

“The Northwest Coast Indians” – brought to you by the same geniuses who brought you the crows from Dumbo.

“Warburg Hall of New York State Environment” – which for some inexplicable reason had floor tiles shaped like knives and forks.

“Milstein Hall of Ocean Life” – in the display on diving for pearls felt the need to include the line: “Although most sea life presents little danger to humans, sharks can be a hazard.”

“South American Peoples” – overheard a guy with a think Jersey accent say “You’ve seen one shrunken head you’ve seen them all, you know what I mean?”

They’re doing a lot of renovating at the AMNH, which was a bit of a pain. But was kind of funny when I went to the “Jews in Asia” display and found a blank wall.

“Eastern Woodlands Indians” / “Plains Indians” – really disappointed that I couldn’t find Sacagawea anywhere. 

In the end it doesn’t look so much like the “Night at the Museum” museum. But maybe that’s just because everything was sent into deep storage at the Smithsonian. On the top floor there was a pretty great view though. Up close you could see the super green trees from Central Park and in the distance you could see the skyline but since it was rainy and foggy out, the tops of the skyscrapers were covered in fog. Pretty cool.

After the museum I walked around the Upper West Side for a bit before finally realizing I had to get on a train and go back to Brooklyn. When I got back to the house Lilly was getting ready to go to hockey practice. Clearly I’m becoming a part of the family because Logan yelled at me to hurry up and get in the car because we were leaving. Then tonight before they went into bed all three of them were hiding from their mom under my sheets. Logan is still too small to get up on the bed so she went and got a little step stool to climb up.

Love ya bye,


Day 17 – Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Still no job in New York. But all the museum people I’m talking to all have a background in Art History so that might be worth looking into.

I did a whole bunch of walking today so I’m pretty tired. I started out as usual in the downtown Soho area. This is because it’s about half way between Brooklyn and all the museums so I can get a fresh air break from sitting on the subway. 

When I was walking around the Upper East Side today there was a garbage can right smack dab in the middle of the road. Like the road workers couldn’t find the manhole cover, so they just stuck the garbage can in there so that no one would fall in. 

Then, later on in the day when I was walking around Midtown the guy that played Frank Abignale, Jr. in Catch me if you Can, Aaron Tveit —- remember the guy I told you all to Google? —- he almost ran me over on his way to the theater. He walk talking on his phone so I don’t think he was paying much attention. Either that or he was pretending to talk on his phone so the cute girl in the pink coat would think he was important. Let’s go with that.

Then I went to the movies. I saw Bridesmaids. It was pretty funny, but I was expecting more “Hangover” moments. By the way, my movie ticket was $13.50. Is this normal now? And the small popcorn – which I refused to buy – was $6.50.

That’s all I can remember right now because I need to go to bed.

Love ya bye,


Day 18 – Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today I went to the library to return my books. I saw a homeless man sitting out front asking for change. I thought to myself – “If you’re looking for money, do you really think that the LIBRARY is the best place to go?”

Next I went to Midtown and had a nice sit down lunch of McDonald’s on the Times Square Steps. These steps will be or have been featured on a recent episode of Glee.

Mamma Mia! Playbill.

Since I was in Midtown you know what that means!!!! Broadway show number 4!!! I wanted to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert (or as I overheard some Ohio teens call it – Queen of the Dessert), but they’re dark on Wednesdays. So I went to see Mama Mia! It was…. alright. I guess. But at the end the big burly Italian guy sitting behind be got right into it and started to sing along to “Dancing Queen“. Then it was awesome. No autographs on today’s Playbill because it was raining and gross outside, and who wants to do that?

Then I went to Starbucks to get a drink to warm up, and I kid you not, I was stuck on 52 St. between two tour groups of high school kids. There were a bunch of tour groups running around today so it seemed extra insane.

After the show I went home because Laura was making a family dinner and we were all invited. Then we decorated cupcakes and watched some Tinkerbell. And then got ready for bed.

Love ya bye,


Day 19 – Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today was the perfect New York Day… for me. 

Like seriously, I took the levels of Sarah Rann nerd-ary to new heights. I spent all day at the Met and then went to a Broadway show. 

Egypt Print.

I did four tours at the Met today and I asked all the guides what their backgrounds were – more Art History, some teaching, general stuff. But one of the ladies gave me the name of someone who works in the education department at the Cloisters and told me to email her so that we could set up an appointment to just talk about some stuff. 

I got to go back to Greater Rann of Kutch for one of the tours… made me giggle.

There was a cute boy who kept trying to talk to me during the Greek and Roman Art tour, but since he was like 18 and I’m not Suzy, I let it go.

For lunch I ate on the Met steps cuz it was nice and sunny out by then. There’s this Motown style group that performs outside the Met on nice days and they’re really good. So I hung out for a while and listened to them.

I saw the Marymount girls at the museum today running around and thought of Dani. 

Sister Act Playbill

For supper tonight I ate at T.G.I.Fridays… and I’ll be eating at the Cosmic Diner from now on. 

Then I went to see Sister Act!!! It was so AWESOME!!!!! Seriously, it’s a Broadway musical – filled with religion jokes. How could I not love it? And picture this… they had a kickline too!!! That’s right, a musical entirely composed of Nuns had a kickline. And the priest looked like the guy who played Rev. McGee on Little Mosque on the Prairie. Catch me if you Can still has the edge as my favorite show though – I don’t feel the urge to go see Sister Act again 4 days from now.

No autographs on the Playbill tonight. It takes too long and the tourists are starting to bug me so I wanted to get the hell out of Times Square. In short – I’ve become a New Yorker in 2 and a half weeks. 

Love ya bye,


Day 20 – Friday, 20 May 2011

Today was another museum day. The bad part about writing this late at night is that I’m so tired from the day and from being on the train that I forget everything that happened. 

It was raining again, and I did some more tours and talked to the guides. There was one lady who had to be the most unpleasant tour guide I’ve ever seen. She got after one guy for taking too long to get to the next spot when we were walking around, and then snapped at some kids for talking too loud. I wanted to leave early but I was too afraid.

I emailed the lady from yesterday but I haven’t heard back yet.

I got tickets to two more shows too. “Anything Goes” is on Wednesday. It stars Sutton Foster who is the girl who I saw at Barnes & Nobel a while ago. I also got tickets to the Drama Desk Awards on Monday – aka if the Tony’s are Broadway’s Oscars then the Drama Desk Awards are the Golden Globes. It’s the first time that they’re opening these awards to the general public (strangely, this year the Tony’s are not open to the public) and it’s hosted by the one and only HARVEY FIERSTEIN!!!!!

Some of the presenters this year are:

Ellen Barkin, Tyne Daly, Jonathan Groff, Katie Holmes, Cheyenne Jackson, Larry Kramer, Marcia Mason, David Hyde Pierce, Colin Quinn, Daniel Radcliffe, Liev Schreiber, Annabella Sciorra, Christian Siriano, Holland Taylor and my buddy Tom Wopat.

Not that I’ll be able to see any of them because I got one of the very last tickets, and I’m in the theater equivalent of the nose bleed section. Whatever that might be.

Wardrobe and hair suggestions are welcome.

Love ya bye,


Day 21 – Saturday, 21 May 2011

Today I slept in. The morning was kind of rainy anyway so I didn’t miss anything. It was sunny by the afternoon so I went into Manhattan again. 

Today at the 14th St.- Union Square station there was a Mennonite choir singing and handing out CD’s, pamphlets and magazine things. They were by far the most well produced religious group I’ve seen in New York. And that includes the guy in Times Square handing out pamphlets and warning New Yorkers about the end of the world – which was supposed to happen today, by the way. Of course, I am in New York so if the Rapture did happen there’s a chance that no one here would have noticed.

I started at the Jewish Museum – remember the “Jewseum”. I was there last week but didn’t get through the whole thing. I finished off the last two floors today. I had a Knish for lunch. A Knish is a Jewish potato cake thing, kind of like a giant perogi. Felt appropriate. Then I was going to go to the Guggenheim but it was “pay what you wish” day and the line up was around the block so I decided to just keep walking…

ended up at the Met… 

It’s free folks, what do you want?

When the Met closed and they kicked me out, I walked down Madison Ave. and I found the Vera Wang store. I peaked inside the window and there was one dress and some couches. Apparently it’s one of THOSE places.

After that I went back to Brooklyn. I stopped off for some Chinese for supper.

Love ya bye,


Day 23 – Monday, 23 May 2011

Calm down! Calm down! I’m fine, you can call off the guards.

Sunday – I did absolutely nothing. I slept till noon, watched old TMZ videos online. It was pretty awesome. Merle told me to join LinkedIn, so I did. And she was telling me everything she learned from networking seminars she took in London. And I went to the grocery store with Laura and we talked about visas to work in the US. 

Today I slept in again and just kind of hung out around the house until this afternoon because…. It was Drama Desk Awards day!!!!!

Drama Desk Awards, 2011 Program.

I got all dressed up for my nosebleed seat. I took the subway into Manhattan and then walked to the awards. I could tell I was there when I saw the press line and a bunch of people taking pictures. I walked past all the people into the front room and gave the lady my name so that she could find me my ticket. The DDA were held at the Hammerstein Ballroom and was set up Golden Globes style. It was a dinner/drink thing for the show people who were sitting at tables on the floor. Us non-stage people were in the regular theater style seats in the mezzanine. But they did stick a ticket with our name on it to our seat so we could find them easier.

I met my new friend Gina while we were trying to figure out where we were supposed to go. Gina works for a bunch of shows. She’s worked on the Golden Globes, Drama Desk, and Sundance stuff. Once we got up to the mezzanine she introduced me to her friends Anthony and Matt. They work in education and live two hours north. Anthony told me I was really pretty. Then as the conversation went on he gave me his card. But then quickly told me he was gay so that I wouldn’t think he was hitting on me since he had just told me I was pretty.

Oh yea….

I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that I went around all night telling everyone I was a writer. 

I figured, why not? Everyone I’m meeting that’s my age is an “actor” so why not class it up a bit and say I’m a writer?

… Art and Culture/ Travel… in case you were wondering. 

The awards themselves were fine. Nothing too exciting. 

That is until towards the end of the show when the booze kicked in and the actors who didn’t think they would win then had to go up on stage and give an acceptance speech.

In an unrelated note I had a clear view of The Normal Heart cast, featuring Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

My friends John Laroquette (How to Succeed), The Normal Heart Cast, Norbert Leo Butz (Catch Me), and Sutton Foster (Anything Goes/ Barnes and Noble) all won awards tonight. Sutton’s boyfriend also won an award and they were super excited for each other. 

Norbert Leo Butz gave by far the best awards speech. He talked about how he’s was pretty cynical about the acting business for several years (“loved the show, hated the f*cking business”) and how something really terrible happened before Catch me if you Can, did it’s trial run in Seattle (he didn’t say what it was but since none of you are theater people – his sister was murdered and it’s a really terrible story.) And he said how his “Catch Me Family” changed the way he felt about his career and how great they all were then and now. He was the only one who actually seemed to have anything to say during his speech.

The Book of Mormon won most of the awards. No surprise there. 

The show is going to be on TV – on the Ovation Network – whatever that is. When I walked into the theater there was a big sign that said “this show is being video taped, you are consenting to being filmed” – or something to that effect. But I was in the very last row of the mezzanine, so chances are slim.

After the show I left the theater and saw some theater people who I recognized but who I couldn’t name. And also Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman (Catch Me music/lyrics) and Kerry Butler who was like 2 feet away from me and gave me a smile while I was on the phone with my mommy.

Tomorrow I’ll probably go back to the Met. After I research the paperwork I would need to move to New York permanently as a “writer”.

Love ya bye,


Day 24 – Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I received my official calling to move to New York today. Brought to you by none other than the one and only Christy Rann. At least we know she’s been busy.

I had every intention of just hanging out in Central Park and reading my book today. It was really nice and sunny and hot. Apparently that’s not what the weather was like in Nova Scotia. Here’s a brief transcript of my phone call with my mother I had earlier this evening:

Me: It was really hot today.

Sue: It was freezing cold here.

Me: I think I got a sunburn.

Sue: Oh God.

The End.

Image taken from Google Maps, "The Argosy, Manhattan."

I got off the 6 train a few stops earlier than I usually do. And I started walking down 59th St. towards Central Park. While I’m walking I see some books out on the sidewalk. I look up at the name of the store and it’s called “The Argosy“. This is the same name as the MTA newspaper. I was just going to keep walking until I noticed that the books on display for $3 were under a sign that read “Religion and Philosophy”. Figured I’d stop for a look. After I made my way through those books I went inside to check out the rest of the store. Inside there were a bunch of old books, maps, posters, prints, etc. I started to flip through the prints. Most of them were of English Lords and American politicians, religious scenes, etc. They looked kind of like pages from old books. As I was flipping through I found a poster for….

wait for it….

“Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen my Girl?)”

Oh my God!!! 

I bought it, of course.

After I looked around a bit more I started to walk towards Park Ave. on the way to Central Park. When I got to the intersection of 59th and Park Ave. I saw a street sign that said “Lighthouse Way”.

That’s too many for it to be a coincidence, right?

I also went to Saks 5th Ave. for a look around. Some guy gave me a perfume sample. Then some lady grabbed me for a makeup sample, because apparently I have dark circles under my eyes that age me. Her name was Chai… as in… Tea Latte.

Then I went up to the 8th floor to the “Gifts and Entertainment” section. Don’t get too excited. As much as I love you all, I’m not about to buy any of you a $300 tea-cup. Literally… I saw those. I told the lady that worked there that I was looking for a tea set. She told me that they didn’t have any “sets” and that I should “Try Tiffany’s”.

I meandered around the other floors. Found the shoe department. Which included a carbon copy of my black heels. They were on sale for $270 – marked down from $298. I bought mine at WalMart for 15 bucks.

After that I just kind of walked around some more. I found a nice loose tea shop and the girl who worked there gave me a free sample of one of their really expensive teas. It’s not bad. 

Then I went home, grabbed some pizza and just hung out.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to go to the Brooklyn Museum. And tomorrow night is “Anything Goes“.

Love ya bye,


Day 25 – Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Image taken from Google Maps, "Brooklyn Museum."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to New York Fleet Week!!!

I started the day off at the Brooklyn Museum. It was pretty good. Nothing too exciting.

It was really hot and sunny again today. It’s supposed to be in the 80s all week. Whatever that means.

Tonight I went to see Sutton Foster in “Anything Goes“. It was AWESOME! It’s from the 1930s so it’s not all fun and catchy like the newer musicals, but it was definitely funny. It would have scored higher if they had somehow managed to throw a kick line in there. Joel Grey was in this one too (Jennifer’s dad). He’s great, of course. And really tiny. 

I was reading the Playbill cast and crew list and the Dance Arranger, some guy named David Chase wrote:

“For my mother, who made me take tap in first grade. The feet couldn’t do it, but somehow the hands remembered the rhythms. Music Education: Harvard biology degree.”

Anything Goes Autographed Playbill.

I waited after the show at the Stage Door and I got a lot of people. But Sutton Foster and Joel Grey didn’t come out. I’m assuming because it was a 2 show day and lets face it… Joel Grey isn’t getting any younger.

After that I was crazy hungry so I found a McDonald’s in Times Square. I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, large fries, and a chocolate milkshake. The lady taking my order laughed at me.

Times Square was hopping tonight. They were running around like sailors on leave…. because… you know… it’s fleet week… 

If you ever wondered where that expression “Like a sailor on leave” comes from… it’s from Fleet Week. One of them started to talk to me. He asked me where I was from so I told him Nova Scotia. He said, “Me too!”. 

Go figure.

He’s probably from Idaho.

So here’s the image I’ll leave you with tonight:

Me… in my vintage-y light blue ruffle dress with white polka-dots, 3 inch black heels… running through Times Square, New York at midnight… stuffing my face with a giant burger with one hand, while holding a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry and also a Playbill for “Anything Goes” in the other hand…. surrounded by hundreds of men and women dressed in their sailor outfits. 

It could have been the 1930s.

Love ya bye,


Day 26 – Thursday, 26 May 2011

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Great Lawn in Central Park by mikelehen.

It was nice again today, so I went for a walk in Central Park. I found the baseball fields where there were a bunch of games going on. Turns out every Thursday the Broadway Softball League has games. First I watched the cast of Catch me if you Can play some show that I didn’t recognize and then Memphis vs. Rock of Ages. 

They get really into the games too. At one point I even heard swearing. I didn’t know theater people did that.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: 5th Ave. + TIFFANY by ma jump.

Then I went shopping! Yay!

First stop…


And I bought something! But I’m not telling what. 

Then I went into all the crazy expensive stores. I went to Harry Winston, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and a couple other places. I went to this one place where I was able to get a lipstick mixed custom for me. I get to name it too. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards “Day at the Met”. Feels appropriate given what I’ve spent my time in New York doing. 

By the way, you’d be amazed at the treatment you get at those designer stores when you walk in with a giant Tiffany’s bag.

The good news is that I really wasn’t that impressed by the designer clothes. You can get pretty similar stuff for 1000% cheaper. And unless your dress has LV’s all over it, no one’s gonna know how much you spent on the damn thing anyway. So if you’re gonna spend lots of money on something, make it one of the accessories/bags or whatever so at least people will see the logo. Which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

Then I had Korean food for supper. I was the only non-Korean person there, and everyone looked really confused.

After that I went back to Brooklyn. Walked into the house to find Logan stark naked running around and trying to ride her sister like a horse, Lilly and Lucy were rolling all over their mom, and they were all watching Neil Diamond on the Billboard Awards and singing along really loudly.

So I had a good day.

Love ya bye, 


Day 27 – Friday, 27 May 2011

On Friday I went to Midtown to walk around. It was another super hot day, so I was just out in a little sundress. No coat or nothin’.

Photo from Flickr - Creative Commons: Sailors visit Times Square during Fleet Week New York 2011 by Official U.S. Navy Imagery.

I ended up in Times Square where there was a concert for Fleet Week. It was some band that was singing Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA”. Badly.

I made my over to 9th Ave. and went into that Amish grocery store I mentioned a while ago. Turns out, it’s a normal grocery store. With lots of Kosher food. Then I went to Starbucks and ordered a tall iced coffee, but it turns out that someone left without their whole order – so I ended up with a venti iced coffee for the price of the tall one. Awesome.

Then I went for a walk through Central Park. Oh wait, after I got off the subway and was about to walk into the park I got what was possibly the most respectful cat-call ever in the history of the world. It was, “You look lovely today, Miss!”. Then I walked through the park.

Then I did a Gallery Talk at the Met for an Special Egyptian Exhibit they have on. The lady that did the talk actually stayed afterward and gave me lots of future career/school advice.

Finally, I ended up back in Brooklyn for the night.

Today I slept in again…. Because I can.

I went for a really long walk in Central Park, because guess what!? It was another hot and sunny day! I eventually made my way over to explore 3rd Ave. It’s a little bit more low-key than the designer bonanza that’s happening over on 5th Ave. or Madison. I found another candy store, and again… Freak Lunchbox still wins.

I also bought a pair of “New York Sunglasses”. I’m calling them my “Hipster” shades. Since they’re just like the ones that all the kids in Soho wear.

After that I ended up at the Met again. Because it’s air-conditioned.

On the train home I saw a sign that had the temperature in Celsius. It said that it was 22 degrees, and please keep in mind that this was at around 8:15 tonight. So, I think it’s fair to say that this afternoon it may have been pushing 30.

Love ya bye,


"Sarah in New York" - by Stella Rann, 2011.

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